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tv   [untitled]    December 20, 2010 3:00am-3:30am EST

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sizes warning they might aggravate tensions on the peninsula where they were joined by correspondent sara for sara what's been going on at the border for this in. well despite the threats of war by north korea we stain the military drills carried out by south korea today and now this comes after they were delayed at the weekend. and that gave time third emergency meetings the u.n. security council held an eight hours of last night to try and calm the situation down now but this week at that meeting with discussing a russian drawl statement that was cooling the north and south korea to avoid doing anything that would escalate this conflict we can now from the russian u.n. envoy talking about this. there may be going to vision of tension. serious conflict for that matter so in the big chamber when they have this private
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meeting which was also of course asked for by the russian federation. we reiterate at the cool or. on both parties in the no uncertain terms we. asked the republic of korea to refrain from conducting the six the size of this at this point in time but there are certain political circumstances would try to deal with the situation unfortunately so far the security council has not been entirely successful. so one of the key issues. from coming up with a coordinated statement. with a different approach to bring approaches especially between the u.s. and china i know the u.s. making a very very clear that they were going to sign any agreement without a very clear clinton nation of north korea and its recent actions and north korea for his part we've heard making it very clear to the international community that any action that is taken it will certainly take but. these exercises are taking
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place close to the disputed sea border between the two koreas now tensions between seoul in pyongyang have been rising haven't they. yes they absolutely have to. respond that it will respond we haven't seen any response from north korea yes but we've seen over the past couple of months these tensions rising between the sides of the last time the south korea carried out one of these military drills and they found the twenty third on the same island north korea responding by shelling of the island in one of the worst since the north korean war ended in one thousand nine hundred fifty three and that is to civilians killed and team really close outrage among the south korean public and amongst the why did international community to say south korea said that these are stunted military drills that they carried out square with saying that you know they still this woman even. with these military
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drills being carried out today. this as the provocation now we've also heard the. government. under pressure from the public also the recent attacks to take the stuff the stuns tools north korea and we know north korea has been saying we need that is perhaps willing to enter into some discussion into tools we know that the gangs that inspectors and they're willing to now welcome the i.a.e.a. inspectors and to examine the need to facilitate whether the slow go ahead remains unclear the moment if he says people will not be watching to see what if anything will quiz response will be who we had last week saying that if this actually went ahead of these military drills. they have not happened that they would strike back even harder than the last time and the u.n. envoy saying that it takes
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a day that the house continues to try and find some successful resolution and avoid the situation spiraling any further. into the two more into that. situation here on . the surface thank you. well you know with out still ahead for you this hour a campaign of fear the u.s. media around something scaremongering is washington could soon be carrying on. terrorism need this time in yemen. and u.s. policy review what did washington fail to mention its report on its strategy in afghanistan. for many people in central asian states russia scenes and then the opportunity millions of migrants every year in search of greener pastures but many are forced to work illegally and their life is far from perfect as in the pollution reports. the federal
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migration. officers say they arrive at this early hour before the immigrants leave for work which usually happens around six am like duty the. conducted in order to find illegal immigrants usually we have about seven or eight such raids and. this time around the federal migration just a few people without permission to work in the country one of them is a twenty two year old. i don't have documents i don't know russia i've been in russia for about a year and i don't understand the rules and customs of the country. is one of a dozen immigrants who were apprehended during the raid but officials say there are millions more undetected in russia. currently there are about five million citizens working in the russian federation. legally the majority. are about people living in that tiny little room right there we're going to go down
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the corridor into the kitchen and you can see for yourself that the conditions here are far from cemetery or convenient this is like a kitchen space something between a bathroom and basically a place where people cook and wash themselves as well. so why do vietnamese chinese and many from other asian countries continue to flock to russia. although they get paid a lot less than native workers were paid for the same job still a lot more than they would have. migrant workers or a very. developed economies. no one in the country wants to do. has the second largest number of immigrants in the world after the united states and there's plenty of jobs in industries such as construction and retail the flow of migrant workers doesn't show any signs of drying up even if the hours. along in the living conditions in cramped.
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support. as he tried to storm the government buildings in protest of the presidential election. the poll was rigged. today. kerry after everything. quiet of course. assuming to get back to normal just starting the work week. thousands of protesters came to the very heart of the belorussian capital protesting an election that they believe to have been rigged thousands of people came to this square where we are right now. and the. central.
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parliament building where thousands more came to join them at first it seemed like a peaceful protest people standing there shouting slogans. and leave which was of course directed specifically at incumbent president. just secured his fourth consecutive victory soon turned violent when protesters began storming the building breaking down doors smashing glass windows they were met with resistance by riot police camera crew in the brawl. in the face by police but. they sustained some bruises on their face and. they seem to be all right many other journalists. thousand people were detained according to official sources here in minsk after
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police dispersed the riots brutally but very efficiently very quickly it was in a matter of minutes that the square which was filled with thousands of people was emptied by a riot police in full riot gear we know that several opposition of journalists and . politicians were either wounded or detained we know that one of the opposition leaders and presidential candidates mr nuclei of was arrested on his way to the meeting was injured on his way to the meeting i'm sorry he left his office building to head to a square when he was attacked he and his men were attacked by a number of men in black without any official insignia you know that they were beaten and you can i was hospitalized with a serious concussion according to his wife was a report hasn't yet been confirmed but according to his wife he was then taken away
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from hospital by law enforcement officials and hasn't been seen since we also know that the offices of one of the major opposition web sites are a charter ninety seven was raided a little earlier and several of its journalists were also detained the last bit of information that they managed to put out was that there were being taken by law enforcement and after that all connection with them fell through so a very brutal clash between riot police and protesters that was dispersed last night. some extremely disturbing pictures there. has promised more protests only likely to see more volunteers that. i'm not sure if you can actually harris just to repeat that question the president's leaders and. they will be trying. to the streets of the capital to
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protest what they believe has been a falsified election. the president has of course secured a landslide victory with over seventy percent of the vote it's his fourth consecutive win in a presidential election all of the presidential election has had its independence have been won by one and the same. continuing sixteen years of uninterrupted power and office opposition leaders of course saying that this election has been fraudulent and called for everybody and anybody who believes it to be to come back out onto the streets of the capital we don't yet know whether the people will be coming after last night's event maybe many perhaps it will not be as eager to come and protest out into the streets of the capital because of more clashes with police more violence but we do know the opposition leaders those that
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have been detained or are seriously injured are planning to take more people out into the streets of the capital and they will speak. with more information when we get it. with the u.s. . to yemen that has been. opening up but it could be a secret links between the countries that is feeding into the american media which is not. terrorism is going to. america's secret aims in yemen are secret no more as confirmed by recent week a leaks this patch of classified diplomatic cables u.s. special operations forces are carrying out strikes against suspected terrorists in yemen and the yemeni government is taking the credit in exchange for yemen's cooperation the u.s. heavily finances the country's fragile government but u.s.
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plans in yemen go further than strikes the military are discussing the long term basis and asking for more than a billion dollars to for i don't hide there some of the rotten how to dream for him in a nightmare for us it was to involve us in in inclusive fours in distant lands that would cost us a fortune there's a kind of intelligence national security bureaucracy. in this country austere and americans are run surely scared when the parcel bomb he styria broke out in october the us twenty four hour news machine did not fall short of feeding americans worst fears a second suspicious package from yet it was found at a federal facility that is an ideal country. o'conner years ago already believed out in the arabian peninsula is behind the shipment the packages from yemen gave rise to a lot of confusion as to whether they were really parcel bombs but one thing that
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was beyond doubt the fear trigger has been pulled out yemen was in the news as a terrorist in a matter of days the u.s. officially deployed predator drones in yemen and started talking about bases there they deliberately overblow all of these incidents because there is a huge constituency a huge business national security business which is paid for by the u.s. taxpayer it's a way of capturing the political support the way of doing a lot of different things but what it's not doing is defeating terrorism the most generous estimates suggest there are perhaps several hundred al qaida members in the poverty stricken strive for and. deserts of yemen u.s. special forces have been chasing them for years causing dozens of civilian deaths what the u.s. is doing in yemen is really inflating the prominence of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula this is a group that probably would have very little street value in the arab street or the muslim street if the united states wasn't propping up on while a lockie of the sort of second coming of osama bin laden i think it's goes to show
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how little we've learned from the boogeyman days of bush and cheney and how our own policies in danger us more in many cases that his policies on the surface american leaders are motivated by the fear of one day receiving a parcel bomb but some say disaster has other layers of motivation you're not going to make the technology of a letter bomb go away by attacking what you think is al-qaeda in yemen you're just going to make it move to another place u.s. government is basically very much into a marketing campaign to make these things look like the government is being effective in light of modern u.s. wars and their coverage in the media we've learned that the objective pros and cons of waging a military campaign can be mutate whenever fear comes into the picture and fear can justify almost anything going to check on our t. washington d.c. . now you can get more now on that story and other stories on our web site that's at dot com let's take a quick look at what's on knife you right now saving the u.s.
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will struggling to survive europe is gripped with anti austerity protests e.u. countries agree and mechanisms are they not on the brink of collapse. and the wildcat strike russian entailments out of crimea you show you all manner of circus acts and some rather clever tricks for the animals that you discover. it's. easy.
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to. discover it. communicate with you want to. test yourself and become free. nature can give you. the u.s. senate has voted down another attempt to amend a new nuclear arms treaty in the start a deal the republicans want to recognize the link between strategic and tactical weapons but that would need further negotiations with russia republicans want to postpone the debate until january when they will be a majority in congress tuesday could become
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a crucial day when most of the senate members gather the u.s. president has described ratification of the start treaty as a national priority it was selling by the russian president in april pale as a major achievement in relations between the two countries deal would see the us will slash one of them for. twin suicide attacks on military bases in two afghan cities have left thirteen people dead in the northern city of can do is of militants dressed forms stormed a recruitment center a long gun battle ensued insurgents attacked a bus. carrying army offices in the capital kabul outside the country's main incentive the taliban claimed responsibility washington is a recent policy review says defeating terrorism remains the american forces or it's we have got to stop. watching this economy is going to who shelf says the u.s. is overlooking crucial problems. talking about the u.s.
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policy review on afghanistan and pakistan. would you be surprised that you as president and he's comments on the new policy on afghanistan and pakistan has never mentioned the old or new u.s. counter-narcotics policy or imminent threat and challenge to afghanistan its neighbors and to global security even once that is two main challenges in afghanistan corruption for itself and for terrorism for its neighbors have been played played nord the national intelligence estimate of us policy in afghanistan and pakistan excels in one thing in its mission statement finally it got its priority perfectly straight the number one thing is tried it second pakistan and afghanistan it takes only the third place but when you listen to the u.s.
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president comments on the new u.s. policy in the region you get an impression that he'd given him an opportunity to read through his own national intelligence or view on pakistan and afghanistan. to some other stories making headlines around the world thieves tried to steal oil caused a powerful pipe products from mexico or at least twenty people through the. treasure at last said this is a forest through the streets about the material east of the town. because of the explosion. says authorities say the thieves lost control of the oil because of the high pressure. iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki set to unveil the cabinet it's only componentry that all the major factions will be included along with kurds shia and sunni arabs each candidate will still have to be approved by
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the parliament that's. enabled long period of political. freezing weather and sylvia snow is continuing to cause massive disruption in ukraine across europe london's heathrow airport stopped operating even found some travel stranded also a little discipline of terminal falls flights were also canceled or delayed due to icy conditions paris understood that. take temperatures are predicted to doest low cost christmas. and the u.n. says hundreds of people have been abducted from their homes in the ivory coast in the wake of last month's presidential elections comes a day off when he went down state would remain there despite being ordered out come and about but he has the international calls to step down. as the u.n. has been on the his rival son. who observers say won the key elections fears are
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growing over new developments countries still recovering from the bloody civil war . next the latest to business news with daniel bushell that's off the short break stay with us. please. welcome to business russia's government says the pause in economic growth is off the new figures show a fall in unemployment november's jobless rate cut from six point eight to six point seven percent. quote positive dynamics in the fourth quarter after july's droughts caused a drop at the third average salaries also grew last month over three percent. share
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holders in vimpel called may block a merger with middle east mobile giant whether to create the world's fifth largest mobile network the b line operators bosses meet next week to approve the deal with the owner of italy's wind and egypt or us called. before he may not get enough votes to pass the agreement on fears the six point five billion dollars price tag is too high. thing with m. and a activity fringe fun and scrapes the city general has denied its buying d.t.b. stake in spike on thursday v.t. boss andre costin claimed they'd reached a deal on the nineteen point three percent share in russia's largest lender a spokeswoman said there are no plans however to increase the stake in its subsidiary they remain open to talks. let's check out the markets the dax is edging back up to seven thousand points in the opening minutes in frankfurt but the footsies lower continued concern over used it luxembourg prime minister sharon closure because said at the weekend that the current financing agreements all insufficient. the
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nikkei is closed off last week six months high so only shed over percent of the cultist l.c.d. t.v. sales targets if i pull the major indices in asia right down souls live fire drills today have raised tensions with pyongyang and i worry that those lcs has continued the way it's ended last week slightly in the red six is also open just know the minutes trade is light many of us here in moscow have already left for the christmas break. blue chips have opened low on the all just mid point energy stocks guess chrome and blue quo are folding as the price of light sweet sticks at eighty eight dollars to. consumer demand has been key to russia's recovery from the financial crisis rubenstein for metropol thinks that will help shares in bank outperform the markets now bank is a proxy for the russian market and also a proxy for the russian economy to date it is. fundamentally on numbers it's growing and it's doing really well in terms of financial results three there's
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a speculative dry wood next year we expect there are banks for them to be launched and that's going to bring in many more additional vessels into the name because the bank will the share which will become accessible internationally. that's the latest remember you can always find most there is on our website that's called.
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did i kill innocent kids a was a call at the base of course and that's never and said. mom a song from the skull spoke to me i think of it every day. i steal the flashback from the memories. i assume i saw a long time in the series trying to tell. i was. i was ashamed that i didn't. i was ashamed that i hadn't been a hero why i got my arm i got my legs. in the my. car like don't be out. for. that i'll believe what i was going on once or i think. that i was a good soldier. but now most soldier on the other side and i think i'm just in
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a good. cluster is that so much seven and there's a huge musician at the time. when embarrassing fail this is how many describe one. since most recent attempt to reach a peace settlement in the middle east is it time for the us to drop the pretense. they feasted this is not a provocation but more of. a full of shit that we should use just everybody is sure to support you to reach peace they have no idea about the hardships to face. one it is this is it is all of them to new things for any army the life of abuse the other is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism book those who understand it fully but you have to live
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a. real life stories from world war two the peace of. victory nineteen forty five dot dot com. will you watch the r t the main stories we're covering for you the sound of violence on the streets of the by the russian capital as fountains of opposition protesters clashed with police they claim sunday's presidential ballot was rigged to help the country's incumbent it's on the question comes almost eighty percent of the vote. coming meant filling the clashes were also injured. and. south korea carries out its military drills never disputed sea border with north of the spot threats of retaliation from pyongyang pulled off a soul to cancel a military exercises looming might have given tensions. and millions of migrants
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from port central asian states in russia and on the opportunity until forced to work in the eagerly the grass is always greener. from next enjoying the people of l. and his guests in that debate over whether the stalled middle east peace talks he did new broker to replace the united states crosstalk is next. chloe welcome to cross talk computor a little embarrassing failure this is how many describe washington's most recent attempt to reach a peace settlement in the middle east is it time for the us to drop the pretense of being an honest broker and allow more neutral players to take its place play. live.


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